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I’ve always had a tough time trying to get my skincare routine just right. It’s a lot to try and manage, heck even to FIND products that will help me get the soft, clear skin I want can be a massive undertaking. So many products out there are both expensive and full of unhealthy ingredients, so it’s hard to decide to take a risk on something that initially will be costly and will in the end not be good for you. I don’t mind buying quality products, but I don’t want to put harmful or harsh chemicals on my face. And I really feel it’s important to use products that are not tested on animals, so that narrows my focus down even more!

So when a skin care company approached me to try some products, I did a little searching around before accepting. The Canadian skin care company Jouviance has developed a line of dermatological products with zero animal-based ingredients and they don’t test on animals! So this really intrigued me. They also omit parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colorants, artificial fragrances, and other ingredients that could potentially cause irritation. So now I was excited, and I happily agreed to test out a few of their products.


Jouviance is the #1 Canadian developed skin care lines and is one of the fastest growing skin care and cosmetics brands in Canada. In concert with dermatologists, Jouviance develops their skin care by researching and including the best possible active ingredients in their products, backed by clinical studies and supported by patented technologies. In short, they really do their homework so you can benefit from their expertise!

I got to try out the Collagen Boost, which ended up being outstanding. It’s a skin rejuvenation (no I need rejuvenating!!!) product that offers a visible skin-plumping effect. It has a special Pro-Collagen Activator (PCA), a unique amino acid copper complex that helps skin to look plumper and fine lines and wrinkles to appear diminished for a more radiant, youthful appearance. Apparently an astounding 86% of people who used this product for a study noted improvement in their wrinkles in just two weeks! I had a virtual party about my experience with Jouviance on Twitter. You can follow the #BonjourJouviance hashtag to see what we talked about. I had several women in my life talk to me about their skincare regime.


The Collagen Boost felt really good going on. It had an extremely smooth and silky consistency and it only took a tiny amount to cover my face and neck. It felt like my skin absorbed it quickly and there was no annoying residue or oily aftermath like you can get with some skin care products. I’ve only been using it a few days but I think I am starting to see a real difference! I can’t wait to get to the 2 week mark and see what happens! I am still laughing at my friend who decided to do a little funny skincare at her house. She wasnt able to come by to talk about skincare but she did want to join in the fun.


I also received Jouviance’s Restructiv Coactive Anti-Aging Formula, or the RestructivSRD. It combines a higher concentration of retinol with peptides and hyaluronic acid in a product that’s lightweight and absorbs quickly. It also has a patented Sustained-Release Technology (that’s where the SRD comes in!) to deliver high concentrations of retinol into the skin without risk of irritation. It helps to fight the the BIG 8 signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, eleven skin tone, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, dull completion, dehydration and age spots.


The Restructive SRD is supposed to have an instant effect on skin hydration and smoothness, so I was excited to try this one out. A small amount is really all that’s needed, and it have great coverage. It was light and smooth going on, and I feel like my skin soaked it right up! It felt really good, very soothing, and I could tell pretty quickly that my skin was responding! It did make my skin more evenly moisturized and it looked less irritated. I was really pleased with how quickly it worked! With repeated use it will reduce fine lines, tighten pores, firms skin, and boosts radiance- so I’m on board with keeping this up! Now I know why this is the #1 anti-aging cream in Canada!

What makes Joviance’s entrance into the US market so fantastic is not only are they offering amazing, proven products (I know I am really impressed with them so far!) but they are easily available- you won’t have a make a special trip to a high-end cosmetics shop, or order online. You can go to your NEIGHBORHOOD CVS and buy their skin-care products easy as pie!

You can get more information on all the products Jouviance offers by checking out their brand website and look at their products and pricing here!

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Remember, Jouviance is available ONLY at CVS! Pop by and say #BonjourJouviance today!


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  1. The Revive Serum looks like a pretty good product that would come in handy for me. I am always trying to make sure that my skin is soft and clean.

  2. Oh I would really love to try theRestructive SRD! As my skin is aging, I really need to find a good product to help my skin. This looks like it helps with so many different things.

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