Savings in Your Hands: Using Your Thermostat to Lower Your Heating Bills

Adjusting and setting thermostat to save energy

It is never too early to plan ahead and work out how you are going to keep your heating bills as low as possible when the cold nights start and winter begins to influence a downward trend with the thermometer readings.

We might have different reasons for wanting to reduce our energy costs, but whether it is because of environmental concerns or simply down to trying to save some dollars, there are some simple steps you can take to achieve this goal.

Get ready for winter

In order for you to have the best chance of reducing your heating costs, you will need to make sure that your furnace is fit and ready for action before the winter months arrive.

Keeping your furnace clean and unblocked by using a maintenance company like Gentry Heating to keep in top shape, will make a big difference towards reducing energy consumption.

Remember to check your furnace filter on a monthly basis and replace it as soon as you notice it is dirty.

Check your insulation

There are so many thousands of dollars that almost literally escape from people’s homes into the atmosphere each year due to poor insulation.

Don’t let heat and cold air escape through poor insulation, as this is just adding to your running costs with no benefit in return for the extra money it has cost you.

Get an expert to check your insulation and do some DIY by getting some insulation for your attic from the local home improvement store and cover up areas using weather stripping where you can feel the heat escaping.

Get the most out of your ceiling fans

If you have ceiling fans fitted, it makes sense to get the most out of them by making sure that they are strategically placed to achieve the best air flow.

Using a ceiling fan can help your home to achieve better ventilation and airflow and this can definitely help to improve energy efficiency and running costs.

Thermostat tips

There is no question that having thermostats in your home not only give you greater control but they also play an important part in determining the size of your fuel bill.

If you are going to be away from the house for the evening or a few days, make sure you turn down your thermostat to about 55 F. This sort of setting will save on your heating but still be good enough to ensure you don’t get any problems with frozen pipes.

Lowering your thermostat actually has an impact on your refrigerator and freezer. When the temperature is a bit cooler in your home, these appliances don’t have to work so hard, so you end up saving money all round.

Many homeowners tend to think that turning down the thermostat and then up again for a few hours, uses more energy to heat up your home. This is a common myth and you will save money and fuel as your heating system is not having to keep your house so warm and even when you do turn it up to warm it up, this should still cost less than if you had the temperature at a higher level all the time.

There are plenty of simple things you can do to save on your fuel bills and your thermostat is an important tool in helping you to keep more dollars in your pocket this winter.

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