Saving Money with Groupon

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I think everyone can tell that I like to be as frugal as I can be. I use coupons when I shop in stores, I look for coupon codes when I shop online, and I always try to find the best deal. We love to eat in my house so I shop early morning sales for the best meat cuts. My kids love clothes so I shop close out sales and off season. But the big thing my house does is game. We are all gamers. Even my 3 year old knows how to play computer games. She can play phone games too. For someone who gets less than an hour a day to practice she can kick your butt in Tom Gold Run. My husband and I even went to Press Start for our anniversary. Its a whole place with tons of Xbox & PlayStation consoles, Wii’s, hand held games, etc. Its kept dim in there but you can see how I was playing a DS while my husband played on an XBox One.

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It can be expensive to be a gamer. I swear game prices go up every year. And do not even get me started on accessories. Actually let me tell you. I remember when you used to get two controllers with a game system and could replace them for nothing. Now it can be upwards of $60 just for one controller. I try to shop online for stuff like that though. One of the sites I would recommend is Groupon Goods. You can find great deals on accessories. You can also get all kinds of great prices for stuff you need. You can pretty much find anything you may want on Groupon in my opinion. Plus you are saving money while shopping.  And saving money is how I get to buy my household the cool new stuff they may want.

You can even check Groupon out on Twitter and Facebook to see even more great deals!

Author: Kat

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