Save Money and Update Your Hair Regime with Nexxus New York! #NewNexxusCaviar

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Get your hair ready for warm weather- be proactive and start now to help strengthen and protect your hair for summer exposure by trying the newly reformulated products from Nexxus New York Salon Care. The weather is changing rapidly, from cold, dry winter to warmer spring and then onto sunny summer. It’s time to take the weather into account to your beauty regime, and that absolutely includes your hair. I know I despair over how my hair looks when the seasons change.

Winter can be hard on hair- the dry conditions indoors can make your hair brittle and prone to breaking. Transitioning to summer will mean healing your hair from wintertime dryness, strengthening and conditioning your hair, and protecting it from harsh sun exposure. And don’t forget about ocean water, and chlorine from pools! Spring is the perfect time to heal your hair and get it ready to take on the fun stuff of summer without worrying about damaging your hair further!


Nexxus New York Salon Care has several different regimens tailored to address different, specific hair problem areas. They want to make sure you can choose a product that will give your hair exactly what it needs. The new regimen is enriched with 100% Elastin protein and Caviar Complex which sounds pretty cool to me. To help you choose, Nexxus New York is partnering with CVS to help you select the products that will help you prepare and perfect your hair, and to help you save money while you’re at it. Simply pop into your local CVS store to consult with a CVS Beauty Adviser for help choosing the regimen that’s right for you. The Beauty Adviser will also have a $1 off coupon for your next purchase of Nexxus New York Salon products (travel and trial sizes excluded).

Find the CVS store closest to you so you can take advantage of this offer, and see what Nexxus New York Salon care can do for your hair!

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2 thoughts on “Save Money and Update Your Hair Regime with Nexxus New York! #NewNexxusCaviar”

  1. I worry about lack of “sunscreen’ in my shampoo and conditioner for summer. I didn’t know Nexxus had this ingredient in their products!

  2. I think that’s great that you can consult with a hair care expert to find the suitable product for your needs. I have used caviar hair products in the past and they are wonderful, but pricey.

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