Salad Power Review- Nutritionally Dense Juices that are good, too!

Disclaimer- I was provided Salad Power drinks to sample in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

I was recently given the chance to try Salad Power brand juices- 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and Kosher juices designed to give you to nutritional punch of a big bowl of salad, but neatly condensed into a single serving container of what turned out to be a quite tasty juice. Salad Power concentrates on making their juices as nutrient-dense as possible, preserving the best parts of the plant to help fuel your body.

Salad Power comes in three different flavors- original, Mango, Pineapple, and Apple. They are shelf-stable and packaged in a handy little carton that looks to be recyclable, although I can’t find anything on the carton telling me so. All four varieties have a potent combination of superfoods- kale, carrot, spinach, tomato, celery, bell pepper and cucumber, and then the fruit flavors have an extra kick of their fruit on board. The original flavor clocks in a a very mild 60 calories per carton, with the fruit flavors just under double that. Much less than a soda of comparable size, and with obvious added nutritional benefits that sugary drinks just don’t have.

I have to admit, I was very dubious when I saw the cucumber. I *hate* cucumber. Like really down to my toes despise it. How am I going to like something that has that as a main ingredient in every single flavor? But I persevered. I chilled a few in the fridge and once they were nice and cold, I tried them out. And you know what? I could detect no unpleasant hint of cucumber! Maybe its there in the background, helping to harmonize the flavors or something, but it wasn’t noticeable to me at all!

My favorite flavor, hands down, was the original. It is a bit like an ever-so-slightly sweet salad kind of flavor. Very hard to describe and do it justice. I thought it was quite good, and a really good, low calorie way to pack a lot of nutrients into my day. The amount of vitamin C in one of these guys is unreal- I’m going to chug one as soon as I’m done writing this to see if it help ward off this cold I’m battling. The fruit flavors are also very good, with apple being tops of the flavor game for me personally. They tasted like a slightly savory fruit juice- again, an odd way to describe something, but it was quite nice.

I’d really encourage you to give one of these a try, and keep an open mind. Much like green smoothies, this is one of those things that might make you raise an eyebrow, but in the end surprises you with how good it is, and how good it is for you.

Author: Amy

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  1. How much are these individually?!?!? So many reviews on these drinkl and no one has said anything about price!

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