Roomy, modern CiPU diaper bag is honestly a must-have for young families.

I recently got the chance to try out one of the hotter ‘baby’ items of the year, and something I’ve always wanted but didn’t feel like was all that accessible to my. It’s a well-designed, high-end diaper bag by CiPU (pronounced c-poo) which has all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a designer bag, but at a much friendlier price tag than a bag of military quality. It’s the type of thing I’ve always wanted but never thought I could afford- well I was way off base!

I test-drove the dark grey CiPU diaper tote bag, which retails on AMAZON for under $160. It is a little higher than more cheaply made models, but honestly the function and feel of this bag, plus the quality of craftsmanship, really blows the others out of the water. I’d much rather have a very good, well thought out diaper bag I buy once than a poorly designed one I’ll have to replace every year when it breaks, tears, or frustrates me enough to shop for a different one.

The bag is made from a slick material stitched into a modern puffy fabric which makes the inside and outside fairly waterproof. It looks great, being a gender neutral color on the outside which makes it easy to swap over to dad as the need arises. It has shorter carrying handles but also comes with a long shoulder strap which is quite long enough to wear messenger-style. The longer handle comes with a padded shoulder pad that has a non-skid bottom, making it much easier to keep the bag on when you have it just over one shoulder. The interior is a fun hot pink, and comes absolutely LOADED with pockets and compartments that have been well-thought out and carefully designed. The zipper compartments are quote roomy, and there’s two cup/bottle holders on the outside plus more space on the inside for drinks and snacks.The compartments make it much easier to fund what I’m looking for than many of the other bags I’ve tried in the past- having ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’ honestly is the key to staying organized and not fumbling around for what you need. The bag even has an extra zipper cleverly fitted into the bottom of the bag that makes the base of the bag its own separate, lined compartment that you can use separately from the rest of the bag. Really useful for storing dirty items or fresh diapers to free up space from the main compartment.


The CiPU comes with several really useful matching accessories- a LARGE changing pad which fits into an included secondary pouch (which has its own removable shoulder strap), a smaller coordinating pouch (again, with shoulder strap), and strong (and cute!) hooks for fastening your CiPU bag onto your stroller. The main bag itself is enough to make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth- the accessories really push it over the top, making this in my opinion a MUST HAVE for young families.

You can buy CiPU on AMAZON, and check out their website for their full line of products, including backpacks for adults and kids. I love that you can make them match!

Author: Amy

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