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label daddy

I am incredibly unorganized. I am sure I have mentioned this once or twice. I could probably tell you but that would require me to have an organized post system and I do not.  My house is like a whirlwind went through it at all times.  I actually pay my cousin $40 to come clean it once a week since I get started doing it and then wander off to do something else. My husband doesn’t trust me anymore after I lost a whole basket of clothes that we still haven’t found.  So I rely on labels to keep things where they should be. I have written on here before about how awesome Label Daddy is and how the labels they sent us were great for camp and daycare. The best thing about the labels I received TWO years ago? They are still on my son’s stuff even the shirts I have washed a bunch.

label daddy nhl labels

Label Daddy did me one better though.  They came out with something I could not resist.  They released their new NHL Licensed labels to coincide with the puck dropping on the 2013-14 season! If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge Blackhawks fan.  I am sure many remember me crying about the lockout on my Facebook or fretting every game night there was a shootout (lets face it, we suck at shootouts). They also have MLB and NBA themed labels but I am a hockey girl and I will always be a hockey girl.


I received the Camp Pack which includes 60 Extra Small, 40 Small, 16 Medium, 24 Mini Shoe, 10 Shoe, and 4 Bag Tags. It is super inexpensive for the amount of labels you receive.  I have already used a ton of them around the house. I have to label everything that goes to daycare with my toddler and everything that I send to Scouts with my older son so I just used our last name on the labels. I like the little bag tags the best.  I have one on my keys just to look at the Blackhawks all day.  It is super easy to order and they show you a great preview of what your labels will look like as you are entering your information.  These are the ones I received but I used my blog name on the preview to show you all how it is done.


Do you use labels? Are you a hockey fan? Tell me how much you would love some Label Daddy labels with your favorite team!


Author: Kat

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  1. Haven’t really gotten into the NHL scene. We have ordered Ironman, Capt. America, Spider-Man and lightening McQueen labels

  2. My boys each have a favorite team… 1. Calgary Flames, 2. Boston Bruins & 3. Pittsburgh Penguins.
    We will be ordering some hockey labels too! These are great Labels… We ordered some Marvel ones last year & Love them! They are bright, colorful & durable!

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