PROBAR BOLT Organic Energy Chews Review & Giveaway

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Do you know how hard it is to find good clean energy these days? I am not talking about nuclear and coal versus wind and water energy, I am talking about good clean body energy. I am sure every one has tried the -hour energy and the so called energy pills only to end up with several hours of nervous stomach flutters, fried nerves then the headache and bottomless crash at the end of the day. I have a weak system so energy stuff always made me seriously yucko sick until I tried these cool gummy chews from PROBAR.

Bolt is easy-to-digest energy gummies that come from recognizable real food ingredients and provide clean burning fuel for high-intensity workouts and races. Certified USDA organic, Vitamin B-rich, caffeinated with yerba-mate extract, which provides a mild stimulating effect for your muscles and mind. BOLT is infused with apple, acai, blueberry and pomegranate powders to create a delicious all-natural flavor. Flavors include: Berry Blast, Orange, Raspberry, and Strawberry. Zero added nasty, weird stuff so I dont feel guilty eating them.


These chews taste like the best gummy bear you have ever had and I barely noticed the extra energy till I saw  that I had accomplished much more than I normally do and still felt good to go. PROBAR also makes some other delicious snacks that I got to review awhile back like the PROBAR Core Protein Bars and PROBAR The Real Whole Food Bars!

PROBAR was kind enough to extend a special one-time discount to  my readers… you can check them out by going to to enter code “BLOGGER” at checkout and you will get 40% off your first order!!!


Enter to win a box of BOLT Organic Energy Chews!

This giveaway will run until 1/3/13.


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