Potty Training with Bumbo Toilet Trainer & Step Stool

Potty training is a tough time in a parent’s life.  I am pretty sure that it can try the patience of a saint because I know that I am so tired of diapers but at the same time I get exasperated with potty training.  I recently wrote some tips on potty training but my son is stubbornly refusing to  be consistent.  He tells me he wants to be a big boy and use the big boy potty but then two hours later he tells me he is a baby and never wants to potty.  I am glad that I have a Bumbo toilet trainer that I can take on and off the potty.  He wants to do things by his self so I just turn on the light for him and he climbs up using his new Bumbo step stool and does his business.  I just wish it was more often.  My favorite part of potty training with Bumbo Toilet Trainer & Step Stool is the fact that my husband is more interested in helping because the products make it so much easier.
I know that I shouldn’t rush his training.  I am going to be patient and just enjoy the fact  that he occasionally loves his potty.  He does love his new potty though. He likes that he can put it on the potty by himself.  He also loves the fact that it is blue.  He is in a blue kick.  It easily fits on adult toilet seats with nothing to attach or remove and it is contoured for support and security.  I do not ever feel like he is going to slip off of it because he fits in there perfectly.
I think his favorite part of potty training is the Bumbo Step Stool.  He loves being able to move his step stool from the potty to the sink.  He tells everyone they have to wash their hands every time they walk out of the bathroom because he loves washing his hands.  He steps up and gets his Sesame street soap and he will wash his hands as long as I let him.  He feels like a big boy because he can reach the sink. It supports up to 110 lbs and has a slip-resistant surface on base and step. I wish I had one of these for every bathroom.
So I guess that even though I have a long journey of potty training ahead of me, at least I have some awesome durable products to help along the way.
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11 thoughts on “Potty Training with Bumbo Toilet Trainer & Step Stool”

  1. This would be perfect for my LO! We’re trying to get her to sit on the potty! So far she likes it, fingers crossed! 😉

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  3. I remember when the Bumbo chairs first came out. That was when our twins were infants. This must be a popular product because there are so few potty seats that actually look both comfortable and sturdy.

  4. That looks awesome! My 18-month-old decided on his own yesterday that he wanted to try the potty! We were in complete shock. I don’t anticipate it happening again for awhile but any interest is good! We may have to look into these sooner than I thought.

  5. This is pretty cool. I’ve just recently discovered Bumbo with my newest baby. I would love to try this out with him when he’s ready 🙂

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