Paper Scissors Rock Review and Giveaway!

I received a nightlight free in order to do a review. Regardless, all opinions and statements are my own.

I recently had the opportunity to work with a wonderful person at Paper Scissors Rock by doing a review on a nightlight. Little back story here. My 9 year old is still afraid of the dark. He wants to sleep with his light on every night but my environment and power bill conscious husband wont go for that. He turns off the light as soon as our son is asleep. So usually at 3 am, I hear my son cry out, get up and turn on the light. Sometimes he decides to stay up and turn his TV on which gets him in trouble. Its a never-ending battle. So I thought this would be a great opportunity to help him!

Being a family of cat lovers, this is the nightlight I picked out.

Its so cute! All the nightlights are made of durable acrylic, are UL approved and come with a standard four watt night light bulb.  They are made of prints of artwork from the owner of Paper Scissors Rock, Pamela Corwin. This artwork is beautiful!  I will tell you but don’t tell my son. I honestly didn’t expect him to use it. Yes, I picked it with him in mind but I thought it would last one night and then I could have it. Bad of me but it is so beautiful I wanted it for myself. It also has a great toggle switch to turn it off during the day and then now it has become a bedtime ritual for my son to turn it back on right before I snug a bug with him.

They have more than just nightlights though. They have an amazing selection of wall clocks, alarm clocks, magnets, and greeting cards. The clocks come with a lifetime warranty. All products feature beautiful artwork from the owner. You can find out more about the artist here.

Paper Scissors Rock products are available in over 300 stores across the US and Canada. You can find a store HERE.

You can click here to look at their amazing galleries of work. I liked almost everyone of the designs. Of course my favorites are the cat ones. I love the little cat alarm clock where the mouse is the second hand and it ‘runs’ around the clock. I also think its amazing that not only do their wall clocks have a lifetime warranty, they will never crack or break but they still look like ceramic tile.

Tired of hearing me ramble on? Wanna buy one of these amazing products or check them out yourself?  Just click HERE to go to the product site.

Right now you can get use code BLOG to get 20% off all orders!!!!  They also have a great and easy to enter contest going on. “Just tell us which of our magnetic bookmarks is your favorite and why. One lucky winner will receive a set of 6 magnetic bookmarks! Winner will be randomly chosen on August 30th, 2011.”  Click HERE for more info on the contest and to enter!

Author: Kat

Kat is a married mom of three kids aged 19, 11, and 8 that lives close to Birmingham, AL. She loves cats, books, cooking, hockey, and watching movies. She is an admitted nerd, comic book lover, action figure & barbie doll collector, blackjack dealer, beginner croupier, and all around queen of the dorks. You can reach her at [email protected] to talk about product reviews, press trips, sponsorships, or brand messaging.

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  1. I would probably have to get the ladybug or the peace. One daughter loves ladybugs and collects them and the other loves peace signs.

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