Oligonol & AHCC Review & NYHE Sponsor Spotlight

I was recently sent two wonderful products for the NYHE event from Quality of Life Labs. Quality of Life Labs, Inc. backs their products with more than 25 years of clinical research, clinical trials and technical scientific support to create only the highest of quality products. I told them I wanted to start fresh with the New Year so they sent me AHCC and Oligonol. Quality of Life Labs is the proud recipient of the Nutracon Best New Product of 2002 award, the esteemed NutrAward, for AHCC(Active Hexose Correlated Compound).  This award is given to the best new natural product on the market with solid scientific research and proven efficacy.

Kinoko Gold AHCC is such an amazing product that I wish I had started taking  it immediately.  I have been dealing with tons of sickness here at my house for a week now. 

Active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) is a supplement from Japan that has been getting a lot of attention lately. It is a functional food derived from medicinal shiitake mushrooms which has been shown to have immune system enhancing abilities along with anti-inflammatory properties and other healing features.   The good news is that over 25 human clinical studies help support the use of AHCC.   A recent clinical study from Michigan State University shows that AHCC enhances the power of the seasonal flu shot, making it even more effective against this potentially deadly virus.” 

AHCC ® is Japan’s #1 top-selling immune support dietary supplement, now available in the United States. AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an extract obtained from a hybridization of several species of mushroom mycelia. AHCC® supports normal immune function and may improve the number and functions of immune system cells.* It has been shown to significantly increase immune response* by promoting enhanced macrophage and T-cell activity* and boosting peak Natural Killer (NK) cell function.* 

I think the best thing about this supplement to me is that it didnt taste bad. I have taken immune supplements before and they usually make me have a funny taste in my mouth all day long.  I love hearing about products that are all natural, especially ones that can help my poor sick family stay well. As the mommy I am not allowed to ever be sick even when I am so its nice to know that I can take something to help me stay well even when everyone around is coming down with stuff. I know that supplements and medicines affect everyone a different way but if it even helps my immune system a little bit, its more than worth my time and money to me because its very hard for me to be able to take off work and its impossible for my husband to take off with his workload. I like knowing that something is helping us stay well and helping fight off sickness faster.
Here are some of the potential improvements to your Quality of Life from the Quality of Life page on AHCC:
Stronger Immune system: Increased NK Cell, Macrophage, Cytokine and Interleukin activity*
Better resistance during seasonal changes*
Less fatigue and more energy*
Better mood*
Better sleep*
Optimized white blood cell count*
Increased ability of the body to fight off attacks on healthy cells*


Oligonol is the other great product they sent me and I am sure you all will love this one!It is an anti-aging product which is made from lychee fruit and green tea. It also helps reduce fatigue. Now its a bit technical so I included some information from the Quality of Life information page about Oligonol.

Oligonol is manufactured from the extract of lychee fruit and green tea, is the world’s first commercially produced low-molecular-weight polyphenol. The patented oligomerization process entails taking long chain polymers and breaking them down into monomers, dimers, and trimers, thereby reducing its molecular weight and improving the polyphenol’s absorption into the body. By delivering more blood to the heart and skin, Oligonol helps to improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue and body fat, protect against UV rays, and slow the process of skin wrinkling. Consequently, the compound delivers unparalleled bioavailability and its efficacy is well supported by multiple human clinical studies, for which it won the Nutracon Award as “Top Science-Backed Product of the Year” in 2008.

Something else I found extremely cool about Oligonol:
Oligonol is derived from lychee fruit. Lychee has been a valued fruit renowned for thousands of years for promoting healthy aging.  In ancient China, the Emperor’s concubine, Yang Gui Fei, reportedly maintained her breathtaking beauty for all the many years of her life because of lychee which the Emperor horded from all over China for her use only. 

So while I don’t really understand the technical side of it, I do understand that it has done well in tests and it is supposed to reduce the appearance of aging. I can definitely stand behind that. Who doesnt want to stay looking young and healthy? And it helps reduce fatigue which I really need being the mom of two very active boys! It has so many benefits beyond what I put though just by increasing blood circulation, you are doing your body a world of good. 
Some things that Oligonol may help with:
  1. Skin improvement (to prevent and reduce wrinkles and freckles)*
  2. Blood circulation improvement*
  3. Reduction of and fast recovery from fatigue*
  4. Metabolic support*
  5. Natural, safe, no negative interactions

Two great products from Quality of Life Labs! I am super glad they were gracious enough to sponsor one of our prizes in the NYHE Giveaway. You can visit Quality of Life’s website to find these products and many more. 

I was provided a sample of each product to help facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

Author: Kat

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