Nuby iMonster Toddler Feeding Set Review


I know we probably did the whole feeding solids things badly with Baby E. He was breastfed until 15.5 months and he didn’t start on solids until he was more than 5 months old. He didn’t start on table food until he was like 9 or 10 months old.  So while some of the other moms in my group were feeding their kids roast and potatoes, I was still feeding mine Gerber meals.  I am happy to say that while he initially resisted solids, he eats everything now. He is getting really good with serving himself as well even with the slippery foods like spaghetti.  One of the new cool things that Nuby sent us to try out was an awesome dinnerware set!

Doesnt this iMonster Feeding Set look awesome?  I initially though that the spoon and fork set would be the thing that Baby E would love the most but now I am pretty sure that he loves them all equally. In fact, he led us on a merry chase today trying to find them after he took them off his tray (with milk still on them) and hid them somewhere. I found the plate, spoon, and fork inside a drawer and the bowl was in the toybox. He just gets so happy when he eats now because of his new feeding items.

In my house, we have cheese with every meal. It’s the one thing I know Baby E will finish eating. He likes everything but he only eats small amounts. A bite here, a bite there with everything but cheese. He loves cheese.  I like how the plate has the ‘feet’ that help it stay put while he is eating off of it. It’s microwave safe and can be used for hot and cold foods.

And my favorite part of the bowl is the Eye of the monster. That’s what Baby E holds onto while he is scooping his cereal or soup out. He also pokes it in the eye and says, ‘eye’ and laughs.  Its also microwave safe and suitable for hot and cold foods.

And he absolutely loves being able to duel wield his spoon and fork. He thinks its amazing when he can catch food on both and even tries to get them both to his mouth at the same time! Look at that smirk. He is so proud of himself.  I think this is awesome since he hasnt quite decided whether to be right or left handed and these utensils are shaped for both!

You can purchase the iMonster plate at or the iMonster bowl for $4.99! The iMonster Spoon and Fork set are only $3.99!

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I received this item as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger program in order to facilitate my review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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