New Challenges on One Tree Hill S9

Can we say wow! on some of the crazy things that happened in Season 9 of One Tree Hill! I mean, its a great show so obviously there is going to be some crazy scenes (my fav) but there were a lot of new challenges for the cast this season.  Clay starts sleepwalking and winds up waking up in some very strange places. That is super scary! I have a friend who has to lock her child in his room because once he sleep walked right out the door into the street. She was showering so it was very lucky his dad came home from work around 10 and saw him walking around.  And then Nathan gets kidnapped and Haley has to try to find him. I have never experienced anything like that thankfully.

However, one of the biggest challenges in life is becoming a parent and we got to watch Brooke and Julian do that in Season 9. I remember being so miserable pregnant with Little M. I was so ready for it to be over. The day I went in the hospital to have him though I got scared. I had no idea how to raise a baby. I was single, 17, still in school about to have finals (which I still aced by the way), and had never really thought about the all day craziness of having a child.  I did it though with help from my amazing parents and sisters.  Some people don’t have that luxury and I know I was blessed. I was both laughing and commiserating with Brooke and Julian through all their baby trials.

One Tree Hill is now available on UltraViolet and DVD.   Go pick your copy up so you can discuss your favorite episode with me! 

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