Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi Review

Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi 1


I was recently sent a bottle of Kids Natural Calm Multi for my older son to try out by Natural Vitality. I was pretty excited about it because it looked like an amazing product. It has 24 organic fruits and vegetables. It also has omega-3 DHA & EPA, vitamins and minerals, Natural Calm magnesium, balanced calcium, and amino acids. The only thing I could think that could be a downside is that usually liquid dietary supplements taste bad. Not this one. Little M said it didn’t taste bad at all. He took it with a few sips of water every night at dinner. It is supposed to have a calming effect and help children focus. Most children do not get the vitamins, minerals, fruits and vegetables they need every day.

Natural Vitality Kids Natural Calm Multi 2

Natural Vitality has many products for children. They believe that the quality of American health is very downhill and they have created several products to try to help counteract this. They are a great company who knows the value of natural products! Most of their products are also gluten and GMO free!

You can find out more about them on their Facebook page and on their website.

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