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The theme of this week is book boyfriend/girlfriend.

If you could choose one character out of a book to be your significant other who would it be?

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This is such a hard choice so I refuse to choose.  I have many book loves and I just can’t pick one.

The Forbidden Game Trilogy


Julian from the Forbidden Game Triology can shadow me anytime.  He is a Shadow Man, beings born in perfection but become capriciously evil over the eons.  I just shiver whenever L. J. Smith describes him in her books and I love how committed he is to getting Jenny. At any cost.  “I practice Gamesmanship. The art of winning without ACTUALLY cheating.”  -Julian, The Chase


Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter


I started reading Laurell K Hamilton a long, long time ago.  I fell in love with Jean-Claude.  He is the type of vampire who gets things done.  A REAL vampire who wouldn’t get killed for love. Or at least in the first dozen books (I havent read any further because it had way too much sex and if you knew me, thats  saying ALOT).  I like his attitude and I like how he keeps on surviving.  He is cold and he doesn’t make rash decisions.


Do you have any book boyfriends? Or girlfriends? Tell me about them in the comments! Or link up your blog post for this weeks Literary Addicts writing prompt. 

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