Moody Bands Review


When I heard about Moody Bands, I knew that Little M would love something like that. He is so ‘cool’ so he would think they were the best thing ever. The makers of Moody Bands want to teach children to identify with their emotions as well as the emotions of others. I know that Little M already knows what his emotions are since he is 10 but I think its cool to wear your emotions on your sleeve.  Little M said that he would wear the Excited and Nervous ones on the first day of school.


Another reason I wanted to get the Moody Bands is for Baby E.  It’s a great, interactive way for him to learn what the different emotions are. I think associating them with colors is also a great way to help children learn what the emotions are. Like anger is always red. Little M helps me teach Baby E by doing exaggerated faces with the bands. Here is him using the Excited Band.  I think its his favorite. I think its kind of like having a fan in the past. You can show how you feel without saying anything.


You can check out Moody Bands on Facebook or on their website for more information or to purchase your own set of Moody Bands.


I received this product as part of a Karma Media campaign. As always, all opinions are my own.



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