Mazoola is Allowance for the Digital Age

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Financial responsibility is one of those skills that is best learned from an early age and while your kids might not want to hear about IRAs or a 401k, they are sure to listen when you hand them the keys to their own virtual spending account. Or we all hope they will. Kids can be stubborn when it comes to their own money. Mine are always asking me to go in to stores to spend their money but don’t seem to understand how to save up. 

Times have changed and allowances are no longer cash only. After all, when is the last time you had cash in your wallet? Kids and teens today have all of the stores available at their fingertips. They don’t have to make a trip to the mall to look at shirts or try on new shoes. All of that can be done from the comfort of their laptop or phone. But the question remains, how does a guardian or parent find comfort in setting them loose with their money on the internet? The answer is Mazoola.  Mazoola is the first independently certified COPPA-compliant family mobile wallet and it is perfect for allowing kids and teens to shop online (as well as in person), while grown-ups are able to decide where they can spend their money.

It’s a great way to incentivize kids to take part in chores around the house. I’m loving the fact I can set up specific savings goals and assign chores so my kids can earn money. I might even start a friendly competition to see who can save the most! My littles don’t really share chores because of the age difference but they do share the AMOUNT of chores so I bet that when my son is tired of doing dishes he will try to trade with his sister for something better. He especially hates when he has to do them by hand. 

What better way to get your kids to make their bed and wash the dishes than to make sure they know they are looking forward to being rewarded for their hard work? I’m excited to see how much more my kids do around the house as they work on setting savings goals. 

Mazoola is more than just a savings and spending account for your kids. They also provide educational tools to help kids learn about financial literacy and responsibility, and I’m excited for my kids to learn more about that so they can grow up and be responsible consumers. 

I was thrilled to learn that Mazoola was named ‘Best in Tech’ in the 2021 National Parenting Product Awards. I feel safe with Mazoola on my side, when it comes to helping my kids manage their money.  Right now, they are currently offering families a one-year membership at no cost and when you use this link to sign up with Mazoola you will get a $10 reward. You have the ability to cancel anytime. It’s available on the Apple App Store or Google Play, so no matter what device you have, Mazoola is going to work for you and your family.

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