May #GeekFuel fun with Deadpool, Game of Thrones, Uncharted 4 and more

This month’s Geek Fuel box did not disappoint at all. I loved almost everything in the box. Of course we all know that I am a huge Deadpool fan. And really if you arent a Deadpool fan please give him another shot.


If you are an  Uncharted fan, then you will love Sir Francis’ Drake’s lost ring.  It arrives in a mesh sack and tied in a chest.  This is very cool and super high quality. My son claimed it immediately and has already shown it to his friends.  It’s a replica of the ring worn by the self-proclaimed descendant Nathan Drake, who wore it around his neck by a lanyard. Inscribed into the ring is supposedly the coordinates leading to the secret treasure in the game.


And two Uncharted 4 postcards which look really awesome. And then we come to my Deadpool stuff!


Look at that little Deadpool! He is a monitor toy. I have not sat him on my monitor yet. I have to wait until the demons are sleeping so they do not notice him.


And here is my awesome new cup! It is very heavy glass so it should last for awhile. They must have known I needed a good pint glass. I need to pour myself a cold one (water) and settle down with my tortilla chips for my Firefly marathon.


The only thing I wont use but everyone use loves is the custom tshirt. Every month Geek Fuel has a custom tshirt and this month’s theme is Game of Thrones. I do not watch it and I do not like it. Its a cool shirt and I get the reference because my husband is a huge fan. Its too bad he is a foot taller than me or he could have my shirt. But everyone who has seen me wearing it today has complimented it and asked where I got it from. And a pretty awesome thick map of Westeros. So all in all a great box plus the new FREE game looks really fun. Lots of variety and now I have several more custom items I can mock my friends about when they come see my collections.

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Author: Kat

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