Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War #TeamIronMan Character Posters #CaptainAmericaCivilWar


Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is in theatres everywhere on May 6th. I just posted a new poster, images, and a new video but in case you missed it, I will include the new video in this post as well. In the comic world, I was always #TeamIronMan. We will have to see who I will support when Civil War comes out in theaters. Let’s be honest though. I will probably always be Team Iron Man because I was always Team Jean Claude and Team Spike. And Team whomever wasn’t a goody goody with a huge conscience. Sometimes you have to break eggs to get things done (please dont let what happened to Cap in the comics happen though).


Now lets look at some of the characters who are on Iron Man’s side right now. We know from the trailer Spiderman shows up on Iron Man’s side at one point as well.

Iron Man


Black Widow


War Machine




Black Panther 


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