Making Christmas More Musical with Music & Arts

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There is nothing like enjoying the sounds of your child playing on their very first instrument. My oldest son has always been very musically inclined. He sings all day long, he is always dancing, and he is forever tapping out beats on random objects. He told me that he wants to be a singer when he grows up. I always wanted that as well and even though it changed as I got older, the gist was the same. Country singer & a vet, spice girl & a vet, death metal singer & a vet. I think you see where I am going with this. I would apologize for digressing but if you are a regular reader then you know this wont be the last time. I love the fact that my son loves everything to do with music.  So I turned to Music & Arts who are the nation’s largest school music company and provider of lessons in the country.


Countless studies have shown that children who play musical instruments perform better academically, from higher SAT scores to being better equipped to comprehend mathematical and scientific concepts.  I absolutely believe that is true because the smartest people I know are either extremely artistic or musically inclined.  Or both.  My son has wanted to be in band forever but it turns out that he HATED his alto sax. I told him that he should give other instruments a try because there are tons of different ones to choose from.  I would even get him lessons from a great music store like Music & Arts.  Music & Arts’ stores, both online and at more than 115 locations around the country, are packed with everything a young musician needs, from instruments and accessories to lessons and sheet music.  They were kind enough to send him a keyboard to learn on.  He loves his Yamaha 61-Key Entry Level Keyboard.  Primarily geared toward learning musicians, the PSR-E243 offers the built-in Yamaha Education Suite, which enables students to teach themselves piano as well as built-in accompaniment styles that make it possible to sound like full bands. He has been playing it constantly.  It offers built-in speakers featuring the Ultra-Wide Stereo DSP button that creates greater separation and a more spacious sound. It provides players with 385 voices and 100 accompaniment Styles. I hope that means he wants to continue in band. He read online that you can connect it to your iPad/ iPhone/iPod so he wants me to buy him the optional accessory to do that. He also received the Yamaha Survival Kit which includes a genuine Yamaha Power Adapter, foot switch/petal, stereo headphones (lifesaver!!!!), extended warranty, some rebate offers, and online educational subscriptions.  My son immediately went online to the Link-to Learn Product Guide Starter Kit for his keyboard.  It was really easy to for him to start learning.  It makes me feel good because I took piano as a child and I only stopped because I could not read music.  He has already jumped that hurdle so I think I am in for a lifetime of listening to my son win at this musical thing.


Please check out Music & Art’s Holiday Gift Guide which has the perfect present for musicians of all levels, including beginner, intermediate and advanced.  There are so many awesome things on there I cannot stop looking at it.  You can also find Music & Arts on Facebook & Twitter for more information about holiday promotions, music lessons, and awesome instruments!



You can enter to win a $25 Music & Arts giftcard!  Just enter on the giveaway form below.  This giveaway will run until 1/4/14 at 11:59pm and is open to US, 18+.


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  1. My children play the piano, violin, recorder, clarinet and guitar. There is a Music & Arts store near me in Southern California.

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