Make your next bottle of water easier on the environment with Dasani’s Plant-Based Plastics and their #GreenBottleCap

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Dasani & The Coca-Cola Company

Each one of us can, in the choices we make every day, soften our impact on the environment. environment Some choices take a bit more work- driving a hybrid car, choosing to eat local food, buying appliances that are energy-friendly. Other choices are simpler and require less research, like adjusting the thermostat or being careful about what kind of products we might buy that have excessive packaging.

Dasani has done the work for us by the smart engineering they use for their water bottles. Having set a goal to make their bottles not only 100% recyclable, they also wanted to design a bottle that had, well, less bottle, and fewer non-renewable resources used to create it. Dasani has developed a bottle that not only has reduced the over-all weight of the bottle, reducing the amount of plastic required, they’ve gone an extra step and created a bottle using up to 30% plant materials! Their new green-capped bottle represents a big step forwards in environmental stewardship and a big breakthrough in sustainable and responsible production methods. Find out more at Dasani’s Sustability page!

Plant-based plastics are the next step forwards in sustainable packaging. By designing a light-weight, fully recyclable bottle made partially from renewable sugar cane based ingredients, Dasani has dramatically reduced the non-renewable resources used to make traditional PET plastic packaging. It’s a big step forwards for eco-friendly design! Dasani takes their role as a leader in eco-friendly packaging seriously and is continually working towards a fully plant-based and yet still fully recyclable PET plastic.

And since Dasani has designed it, now you know you can simply and easily purchase a more eco-friendly product the next time you buy Dasani water. Just look for the green-capped bottle. And remember that even though they have replaced some of the traditional plastic with plant-based material, it is still fully recyclable!


You can learn more about how Dasani is replacing up to 30% of the non-renewable petroleum or fossil-based materials used in conventional plastic production at Coca-Cola and see how they introduced the PLANT BOTTLE!



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