Make Moving Less Stressful with Some Easy Moving Tips

This post is sponsored for me to talk about 3M Filtrete filters and moving tips. As always, all opinions are my own.

My husband and I didn’t really experience moving until we got married. We got together in 2006 and moved in together in 2008 but I did not bring my stuff with me. He had a house that was furnished and my son and I just brought our clothes. Then we moved to a mother-in-law suite in his grandparent’s house (it was wonderful!) which was also furnished so all we had to move was our beds and electronics. We did not really get the moving experience until we bought our first house together. Not to say we have never moved friends because we did that too many times. When we were searching our relatives kept trying to get us to get a small place and I wanted to get to a forever house. And we finally did in 2009 one month before we got married. And no one told us how hard it could be!!!

Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

Now we have been here nine years and do not plan to ever move unless a finance job comes up for my husband somewhere else. However, a really nice volunteer opportunity that we have discovered is that you can help people flip small homes and then help less fortunate people move in. So we try to help when we can.

Some great moving tips we have learned:

  1. Do not ever pay for boxes. Call around, lots of stores crush theirs and will let you have them for free. Some stores will even give you crates (thanks Aldi’s!)
  2. Make sure you fill out your address forms at the post office BEFORE you move. It takes a few days to get circulating and if no one will be at the old address that can spell trouble.
  3. Get lots of batteries, tape, and packing materials early on. I guarantee you will lose several rolls of tape. You can get stuff like that at Sam’s Club! 
  4. Make sure you get new smoke detectors, new batteries for smoke detectors if they have them, etc. Do not trust that they have been replaced.
  5.  Stop by Sam’s Club and pick up 3M Filtrete air filters at low prices. Replace all your air filters when you move in.  3M Filtrete filters are $8 off now through November 25th with Sam’s Club Instant Savings.
  6. If you are able to, take out your drawers with everything in them. Just stack them on top of each other and then replace them. It works. I have done it.
  7. Take all your hanging clothes and about 20 at a time put a garbage bag around them. Just keep them hanging together.

I hope my moving tips have helped you! You can also enter to WIN 10 $100 Sam’s Club gift cards now through Friday, November 16th at 11:59 PM ET

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