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Now, more than ever, people are breaking away from the pack and finding ways to express themselves through art, music, clothing, and more. Fatal Clothing takes tattoo-inspired artwork and uses it to design clothing, skateboards, and accessories. Tattoos are more popular than ever before and can be such a meaningful way to represent your personality, beliefs, and important life events. Through unique tattoo drawings, Fatal Clothing t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, skateboards, and accessories such as wallets and hats allow you to express your inner self to the world. Each one is a work of art that you’ll be thrilled to wear and use.


Fatal Clothing was established in 2004 as a garage built clothing company – they literally began in a family business garage over 10 years ago, where their founder Mark Atkins worked on custom cars and bikes. While still in high school, he began designing t-shirts to sell to his family and friends. His love and appreciation for artwork later transformed into the business it is today. 


Based in Los Angeles, Fatal represents and supports the artistic lifestyle in all forms of expression. This is the brand for the person who can’t quite find clothing and accessories to express their unique point of view in mainstream retail outlets. Today, Fatal’s reputation for providing unique artwork and quality apparel has made a lasting impression with customers.


Are you ready to express yourself with Fatal Clothing? Or perhaps you took one look at the Fatal brand and thought, “That would be perfect for_________”? Well, now is your chance because I have two amazing opportunities for you!

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