Lose the Baby Weight with FitTea PostNatal Fat Burner! #PostNatalFatBurner

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I have always been lucky in the fact that I never gain too much weight with my pregnancies. I was around 130 when I got pregnant with my first and gained 33lbs. That is a little over what they recommend but I lost it immediately in return for breastfeeding my little chunky baby (8lbs,8oz). Then with my second I vomited for 9 months, had gestational diabetes, and still gained 14lbs. I got a 8lb, 5oz baby in return and lost the weight before I left the hospital. Same thing with the third. I gained 19lbs during my pregnancy and lost 23lbs within a week of having my 9lb, 8oz daughter. I thought I was doing amazing except that it was so much harder to lose weight after my pregnancies. Within a year of having my daughter I was up to 175lbs. I decided to try to diet before I went on my #SeastheDay cruise last year. I lost 5lbs on my diet. I weighed myself a week after I got back from my cruise and I had gained 10lbs. I wasn’t losing weight on that diet at all and after a couple of weeks of feeling good, I felt awful everyday when I had to drink the diet shakes and morning mixture.


I am still working on losing that weight and my daughter will be 2 in April. I have gained even more weight since then. I have been working out at my local Y and I have been trying to eat healthier. Baby weight is super stubborn though. Sometimes people just need help taking that baby weight off and keeping it off and herbal supplements are perfect. FitTea PostNatal Fat Burner supplements are great at helping to rid that baby weight. Even though I ended breastfeeding a little bit after my daughter was one, FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner is safe for use in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. It even has fenugreek as one of the ingredients so it may actually help with milk supply. You should always check with your doctor before taking any medications or supplements though. It has no caffeine or stimulants like many weightloss products and it supports healthy weight loss.


So if you are looking for a way to help get rid of that baby fat or a way to help you keep it off, check out FitTea’s Post-Natal Fat Burner herbal supplements! FitTea’s PostNatal Fatburner uses 100% natural ingredients and is perfect for losing that stubborn weight.

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  1. This product sounds like a great way to help me lose weight! I will have to get me a bottle and see if it works.

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