Learn about how Healthy Paws Pet Insurance can keep your pet and your budget safe

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I know every pet parent dreads their furry family member falling ill or being injured. In addition to the stress and turmoil of coping with a sick or injured pet, there’s the additional stress of making decisions for your pet’s health in the face of financial constraints. Every pet owner budgets for the basics- checkups, healthy food, toys and treats. But when hit with unexpected medical bills that mean making hard choices about the care a sick or injured pet might receive, it’s much harder to take those potential costs into account.

Pet insurance plans have started to fill this gap. It’s a good idea to have a policy on your pet to cover those unexpected illness and injuries that are hard to predict and afford. The #1 customer-rated pet insurance is Healthy Paws. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® fills that gap, and is there when you and your pet need them the most. They cover up to 90% of vet bills* outside of wellness visits- in other words, they help cover vet bills related to unexpected accidents or illnesses, which is where many of us struggle to afford.

As many human health-care techniques and technologies are being incorporated into veterinary medicine, we often have choices to help our furry family members that weren’t previously available- and that often translates into greater chances to help an injured or sick pet.
Pet insurance helps you focus on giving your pet the best care without worrying about the cost. I have been in the position of either paying for my cat’s surgery or paying for my mortgage before. He had liver failure and needed immediate surgery. Luckily in my case, our vet was a family friend and let us make payments. If he hadnt, then I do not know what we could have done.

Many human health-care techniques are becoming available for pet family members; however, these medical advances can be costly, requiring difficult choices about what you can afford. Healthy Paws Pet Insurance helps protect your family’s budget and make these decisions more about the health of your pet, and less about the health of your wallet.

As more pet parents learn about the importance of pet insurance, how it works, what it covers, when it’s needed most, it’s becoming a more and more popular way of protecting their pets an their budgets. Pet insurance generally doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, so it’s best to sign up early. Not only does this help cover your pet for future illness and accidents, it lowers the cost for you, too.

Visit Healthy Paws Pet Insurance® to receive your free quote today. You can even help homeless pets by getting a free quote= Healthy Paws contributes to the medical care of homeless pets with every quote they receive. And through the Refer-A-Friend program, participants earn $35 for every friend who enrolls with Healthy Paws. Visit the FAQ for more information!

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  1. I got a quote on my dog Tuc. It was for just under $34 a month. That is a pretty reasonable quote. I will be giving this some serious thought.

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