KY Intimacy Experiment Day #8

Day 8 of the KY Intimacy Experiment is “In Good Taste” and its about my favorite thing, FOOD! My husband and I both love food. We try new places, we enjoy all different types of cuisines, and we just love to eat. This is the reason neither of us can lose any weight as well. Today’s experiment says to cook an aphrodisiac-heavy meal and then for dessert, enjoy each other. Hmm, cooking. I love to cook. I really enjoy other people enjoying something I made, especially my husband. Unfortunately, he never cooks with me. He just shows up for dinner.

So I told him he had to help me and he agreed. We looked up recipes and decided to not try to take on an entree we had never done before but to go with a decadent dessert. We did do beans and asparagus as our sides for dinner, both aphrodisiac foods. And we had dark chocolate in our dessert which trigger the release of phenylethylamine, which leads to feelings of excitement that are conducive to sex.

The night exercise involves lots of kissing. Kissing all over to be exact. And it suggests bringing flavors from the kitchen to the bedroom. It was a sticky night and not to be too forward but remember to save time for a shower afterwards. It was so late and I was so tired but a shower was so necessary. Needless to say, work was fun the next day.

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