KY Intimacy Experiment Day #4

Day 4 of the KY Intimacy Experiment is “Outside the Comfort Zone”!  Day 4 already. I cannot believe its went by so fast. Day 4 is basically all about the things you do now in front of your partner that you would never do in the beginning of your relationship. I guess the longer you are together, the more relaxed you get. These things you do are obstacles to a smoking sex life according to the pamphet. Some of the obstacles they listed are as follows:

  • Sleep with kids or pets in your bed or bedroom (so guilty)
  • Have (and use) a television, computer, or smartphone(me) in your bedroom
  • Spend your evenings surfing the Internet. emailing, visiting social networking sites (GUILTY!!), or playing computer games (husband)
  • Bring your cell or smartphone on “date nights” or spend time texting or playing with your phone in your partner’s presence  (Who doesn’t do this?)
  • Leave the door open while in the bathroom (husband)
  • Perform personal grooming habits (flossing your teeth. clipping your nails, etc) in front of your partner (Um, super guilty since we are married)
  • Sometimes skip basic hygiene (bathing, brushing your teeth, shaving, etc.) because you’re too tired, lazy, or think your partner doesn’t care (Ok I may be guilty of this but I was 9 months pregnant in the middle of the summer and didn’t do much of anything besides work and lay around)

Think back to when you first got together and how many of these things would you have done then? Start thinking of ways you can put the spark and mystery back in your relationship. I am trying but all of these things will continue to happen in my house. Well hopefully the first one will stop happening when the little one is a little bigger but then my husband will probably want the cats to sleep with us again and the cycle starts over.

Night activity was right on the spot for me. 5 years of being together and I am still uncomfortable being naked in front of my husband. Yeah we shower together and get dressed together but just standing there naked? No way! Tonight’s activity is a clothes-free evening.  Um, what? Clothes free? In the light? Actually it says to start in the dark and explore each other in the dark. So lets just say no one got hurt in the fumbling around ;p

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Disclosure: I wrote this post while participating in a blog campaign on behalf of K-Y® Brand and also received product samples to help facilitate my review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest and my own, and were not influenced in any way.

Author: Kat

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