Keeping my Home Network – and My Kids – Safe with the CUJO Smart Firewall #CUJO

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We are a tech-filled home. There’s no denying it. With me being a blogger, and having a teen that likes to stay connected, there are a lot of gadgets in our house. Because of that, I was excited to receive the CUJO Smart Firewall from Best Buy. CUJO brings an amazing amount of security to your home network. We are talking business-level security. Protection, not just for your Internet connection, but also for all of your smart devices – it’s like a powerful antivirus for your entire network! Phones, computers smart doorbells, cameras and thermostats…everything is secure with this tool.

I like how small the device is. It doesn’t take up much room on the desk, and it’s actually a cute little accessory.

By far, my favorite feature of the CUJO Smart Firewall is the parental features. I have three kids, so it’s not always possible to stand over the shoulder of every one of them while they are playing games or searching the Internet. With the CUJO Smart Firewall, I can set parental controls so I can rest easy when there’s someone accessing the Internet. Time settings limit the kids’ use of devices. It also helps to monitor social media usage and allows you to block websites you don’t want your kids to visit.I know they are safe when they are on their phones, tablets, or computers. I can also keep their browsing histories in check with alerts and reporting.

Different user profiles are available to change the settings for the CUJO Smart Firewall depending on the person in your home. Kids can have stronger settings while the adult settings may be a bit more lax. Setup could not be easier. You simply download the CUJO app on your iOS or Android device. Plug the device into your home network router and the other cord into the wall outlet. Follow the on-screen installation instructions provided in the app and BOOM…your entire home network is protected!

Oh, and there’s no worry about this firewall slowing down your network. CUJO is blazing fast, as it’s built with 1GB Ethernet ports.


Be sure to check out the CUJO Smart Firewall at Best Buy now!

Author: Kat

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