How to Keep the Peace in a Multicat Household

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If anyone ever asks me what I want to be when I grow up I usually tell them a cat lady. I plan to have 19 cats, lots of multicat products, and have the kids fight over which cat they get to keep when I die since I doubt I will have money after taking care of so many cats. Right now we are a multicat household and honestly I can’t remember when we weren’t. I always recommend getting two cats if you are rescuing because cats need friends too. We rescued our pair together and they are brother and sister. They spent the first 14 months of their lives in the shelter before I adopted them and now they run my household. Having two cats is great because they entertain each other, they cuddle each other and twice the cat cuddles at my feet at night are pretty nice too. That isn’t to say that there aren’t problems in multicat households. I recently reviewed a great box of cat products that are perfect for helping to keep the peace in multicat households including a great signed copy of Disciplined Dreaming: A Proven System to Drive Breakthrough Creativity, a Feliway® towel, a cute little Feliway® cat snuggly toy, and more.


Catego™ flea and tick killer for cats is one of the first things I noticed in our box. It’s for use on cats who are 8 weeks or older and over 1.5 pounds and it is a one-low volume formulation. I read that it is Is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of cats which is pretty awesome since my male cat and my female are vastly different in weight. I usually have to get different products for them because my female is only 7lbs.  Not only does it kill fleas and ticks, it also kills the flea eggs, flea larvae and chewing lice. It kills them within 6 hours too which is extra cool because other brands take 12 hours. My cats are supposed to be strictly inside cats but with three kids its hard for them not to escape occasionally. So I needed something that will protect them and Catego™ looks perfect for my multicat household. It is available on Amazon and at your vet. It will also soon be available at PetSmart. For more information you can visit


Another great brand that I just discovered from my box is Feliway®.  I found out that it is a copy of the natural feline facial pheromone. These marks make cats feel more secure like when cats bump all over your furniture or their bed. Feliway® can help create a sense a familiarity and security for your cat. They have wipes and a travel spay that you can spray in their carrier. My cats HATE traveling in their carrier which is weird because they both love the car. Well they love it till it starts moving. We recently a bad bout of worms with Alexander Ovechcat so we had to treat him and his sister Artemis. So I tried the Feliway®Wipes on their carriers and it really helped at the vet. They didnt cry as much in the car as well. I put the Feliway®Travel Spray in my car for next time. I also talked to the receptionist about it and she said that Feliway® is a an amazing brand.

Another Feliway® product they sent me was Feliway®MultiCat Diffuser. You can plug in to help your cats get along better and it will help them feel safe because its a copy of the natural pheromone that helps cat bond with each other. It is available through your vet and you can find a Feliway® vet by visiting their website. I do not have this problem in my home right now but once Artemis got out and was lost for NINE days. She was hit by a car and emaciated and it was so sad. The saddest thing though was her brother not wanting anything to do with her once we found her. I would have loved to have known about this product then. I did give this one to my friend to try out because she is fostering two new cats right now and she was worried her older cats would get aggressive. She says she hasnt seen any signs of the older cats not liking her fosters and she even caught her 14 year old male grooming one of the new fosters when he wouldn’t even get near him the first few days they were there.

They also sent me the cutest mug ever! Its got a cat face and on the bottom it says “Meow”. Perfect for a huge cat lover like me! I tried to take a picture with it showing Artemis in her usual perch behind me on my computer chair but Alexander Ovechcat got jealous and he wanted to be in the picture as well. He spent a good amount of time trying to drink my tea in my cup as well.

What items do you think you would love from the Ceva cat box? Have you tried any of the products I received? Feel free to let me know in the comments!



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  1. That mug is too cute! I haven’t heard of categocat flea and tick, but I need to look into it. We are constantly searching for better flea and tick treatments for our animals!

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