Join a Private Online Community for Foodies and Earn Amazon GCs

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This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

groceries, food, health,

Have you ever wished to have your voice heard? Well, the opportunity is finally here! A major manufacturer in the food industry needs YOUR help!  Share your feelings, opinions and ideas with company executives and other people just like you! Hey, you’ll even be rewarded with Amazon gift codes each month to thank you for your participation! And sometimes they will have opportunities for even more Amazon GC’s! It is easy and fun to participate and you may even meet some great like minded people in the online community. I know I have in the very first community like this I joined and I enjoy chatting with them throughout the month. I also love knowing my voice is being heard by brands.

Join the private online community for people who are the primary shoppers of their household and care about the ingredients of the products they purchase for their family. Participate discussions, answer survey questions and share via media galleries each month for as much time that is convenient for you.

Spots are limited and filling up fast, so take this quick survey today to see if you qualify! I am in two similar communities and I love them. I also love the extra Amazon money I earn for participating each month. Do not worry if you tried to participate before in another community because they are all different and they all have different criteria for who they want to join.

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