Jay Franco & Sons Spider-Man Collection – Fun, Comfortable, & Cool + Enter to WIN a Set! #JFSHome

I received a Jay Franco & Sons Spider-Man Collection set to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.


Superheroes are a staple in my house. I am a Marvel girl through and through and my kids are a house united. They like DC and Marvel. They just like superheroes. My son is at school today in a Superman costume with his Spider-Man buddy. I was asked to do a review with Jay Franco and Sons Spider-Man Collection and my kids are so happy.


We received the Spider-Man ZippySack which is super cool. Don’t make your bed, just zip it up instead! Kids will never have to make a bed again! Just zip and flip and the bed is made. I even fit two kids in there lol. There is a pocket on the side of the cover for their stuff and its easy for them to take charge in their own room by being able to ‘make their bed’ on their own. My kids love how soft and cuddly it is (I just adore fleece) and I love how easy it is to just pull off and clean. jay-franco-set-4

Spider-Man Pillow Buddy  is another item we received. This pillow buddy is soft and cuddly. My son carries it around everywhere even though he is half his height. He sleeps with it every night. He says he cant sleep without Spider-Man because he is his friend. Which of course melts my heart. He even has a spot for Spider-Man to ‘hang’ in the car. I asked him why he was up there and he was like, “Uh mom…He is Spider-Man.” I said, “Oh of course,” and I laughed.


The last item we were sent is the Spiderman Hooded Bath Poncho Towel. My kids have several hooded towels but this one is their favorite now and I wish I had another. I plan on getting another one soon because they both want to wear it after their baths. Plus this one is a poncho type which means its easy to slide on them and they can run around and get dry without it falling off.



And like all the other products you can buy them on Amazon! They are very inexpensive and so much fun! You should check out Jay Franco & Sons Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram 

You can also enter to win your own Jay Franco and Sons Collection!

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