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Immortal Voyage

Immortal Voyage by C.G. Powell is a very intriguing book. When I first read the excerpt and realized it was about people from Atlantis, I was hooked.  I really enjoy books about amazing places like Atlantis which I honestly believe existed. Then to read further in the book and realize that the Veshnu are there, the Greek gods, and Norse gods? Norse is by far my favorite pantheon of gods so I was extremely happy when I saw Odin’s name on the page!
When Jael was born, her mother begged with her dying breath for her husband, King Rowe to let his daughters marry for love and he agrees. With 5 daughters and no heir it was a tough promise for him to keep. When Jael becomes an adult, the lairdship is in danger because of the heir situation. With tensions rising and the increasing difficulty of his son in laws, King Rowe has to break his promise and betrothes his youngest and favorite daughter, Jael to his friend Prince Sarik of Hy-Brasil.  Political and personal turmoil mount as Jael and her sisters try to find their way amongst all the thorns. Lots of action, romance, and dialogue to keep you reading!
I like Prince Sarik. He is probably my favorite character then Jael’s sister Lenni. She reminds me a lot of my sister who is looking for a man who doesn’t exist and ignoring the good ones who are actually there for her.  I like the little hints that Jael is not like her sisters and her increasing magic. I love magic in books especially if its untaught because thats what makes it fun and unpredictable! I dont give spoilers in my book reviews but I will say that I was utterly surprised in the last 15 pages. I never saw it coming and I usually pride myself on recognizing the hints in books.  Not this time though because I was like, What? You are kidding! I love the ending and epilogue of the book. I wonder will there be another book set in this world? I would definitly read it C.G. Powell. Just saying, in case you were thinking about it. 
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