I Went on a Tour of Pixar Animation Studios & The Pixar Archives #Incredibles2Event

I want to tell everyone all about my experience at Pixar Animation Studios. This place is so amazing. I have been on many Disney trips but this is my very first time to visit Pixar. First we got to see the iconic Pixar ball and lamp outside. Of course we all took tons of photos there. Then we got to go inside which is an experience in itself. There are many places that photos are not allowed so I haven’t been able to send much to my social media about this trip lately.

The Steve Jobs Building

We entered the Steve Jobs Building and I was blown away!

So I had to take a picture with the Parr family. I’m incredible like that. Get it? I kill myself. There were statues from Incredibles, Inside Out, Cars, and more. The building is decorated differently when different movies come out so it had mostly Incredibles 2 stuff downstairs.

We even got to take a tour upstairs which is absolutely mind blowing. We weren’t allowed to take photos but I can share some that Pixar allowed us to use. One side of the hallway is decorated for Coco and the other is decorated for Incredibles 2. And by decorated I mean everything. Concept art, statues, even the wallpaper, trimming, and carpeting is changed for movies when they do the changes. It’s beyond neat.

The Pixar Archives

After we got our tour there, we also got the amazing chance to tour the Pixar Archives. It’s super top secret and I can’t even tell you how we got to it. Some people who work there don’t even know how to find it. We got to see how the concept of the characters changed and how sometimes Pixar will hire outside artists to get even more thoughts on a project.

We also got to see how they changed from different mediums to what they use now for modeling and taking pictures of for use in the animation. Did you know Pixar used to be famous for commercials? I had no idea.

I like the Edna we have now. I didn’t really like the old design of her. But I guess it that was what she looked like all along then it’s what I would have liked. Maybe.

Making a Super

One of the really cool things we got to do at the end of the day was learn how to create a superhero. We took a short class and learned how it’s all about shapes and designs.

I don’t think mine turned out that well but my kids liked it.

The whole class had fun. I had a fantastic time at Pixar both days we went. I loved learning all about how the Incredibles 2 movie came to be. I will be sharing more about what I learned in a couple weeks so keep watch!

Incredibles 2 Coming To Theaters June 15

And something else I cant wait to see everyone’s reactions to is the new Incredibles 2 trailer and poster!

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