Humorous Pet Laws

I saw an article at about odd pet laws so I thought I would share of them some today and tomorrow.

Proper Attire

Berea, OH
Any animal that goes out after dark must wear a tail light.    (I always put tail lights on my cats, dont you?) 

Creskill, NY
All cats venturing outside must wear three bells to warn birds of their approach.

French Lick Springs, IN
All black cats must wear bells on Friday the 13th.  

Waterboro, ME
Dog leashes may not be over eight feet in length.

South Dakota
No horses are allowed into Fountain Inn unless they are wearing pants.    (I wonder if they sell pants for horses at petsmart?)


Columbus, GA
Cats are not allowed to howl after 9 p.m.

Berkley, CA
It is unlawful to whistle for your escaped pet bird before 7 a.m.

Memphis, TN
If a frog’s croaking keeps you awake at night, you can have that frog arrested.   (Yes, officer, the big green one, thats him. He croaked all night!)


Birds have the right of way on public highways.    (I am pretty sure the cat, illegally out without his three bells will love this)

It is illegal to blindfold cows on public highways.   (Shouldnt it be illegal, or at least terribly unsafe, for a COW to be on a public highway?)

McDonald, OH
You may not march your goose down the main street.   (But what if we are having a goose parade?)

So what do you think? Are they as bad as some crazy human laws? Michelle wrote about some of those in this article about crazy state laws and there are SOOOO many of those, she wrote several different posts on it. 

Let me know your favorite odd pet law!

Author: Kat

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