Home HVAC Systems: Smart Steps That Can Save You Major Money

HVAC units

Most homeowners are way overdue for a new HVAC system, but they wait because of the costs. Here’s how to cut those costs and still get a quality system that will last for many years.

Install The HVAC Yourself

This can be a risky proposition if you’re not a DIY’er, but even if you are, there are risks. First, you’ll need rare tools that aren’t cheap, some places require you to be licensed and permitted to install such systems, and you often can’t buy the equipment you need without a license. You also can’t buy refrigerants.

But, maybe you can get around this if you’re a contractor or you know one. You can save up to 50 percent on install costs, and it’s a great learning experience.

Barter Or Trade

Barter or trade with the HVAC company. You may be able to cut them a deal on services you can offer. Like any business, HVAC companies need services like Internet and phone, and products like computers. They need marketing services, they need to maintain a clean working environment, they need to do regular vehicle maintenance, and so on.

Ask. See if you can get a deal on installation in exchange for offering something they need. Even if you can’t get it for free, maybe you can get a discount.

Ask For Cash Discounts

Some places offer discounts if you pay in cash. This happens for a number of reasons. A cash-only business might underreport income to the IRS and pass savings onto you. They may save a substantial amount of money on credit card processing fees too – again, passing the savings on to you.

Hire Cheap Labor To Help You

Cheap labor doesn’t always have to be in the form of unskilled labor. For example, if you a professional company to install a HVAC system, you could ask them if you could work alongside them in exchange for discounted installation.

Or, it could be a simple matter of shopping around for the best deal. Of course, if you can get your hands on all of the equipment you need, you could hire a few handymen to get the job done in an afternoon.

Get a Rebate

Utility companies, the state and federal government, and even manufacturers may offer you a rebate on a new system that could make it worth the cost to replace your existing HVAC. For example, in Florida, the state announced a $1,500 HVAC rebate on high efficiency equipment as long as you have it properly installed by a qualified installer.

Check to see if your state offers a similar deal.

Call your utility company to see if you can get a rebate on high-efficiency units. Some utilities will love you for installing a new unit because it takes stress off the energy grid. Finally, a manufacturer rebate can come in the form of dealer incentives or direct manufacturer rebates. Ask – you’ll never know what you can get just by making a simple phone call.

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