Hiding the Clutter with the Legrand in-Wall TV Power Kit

This post has been sponsored with a Best Buy gift card and/or received the product or service at a reduced price or for free to talk about the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit but all opinions are my own.
Do you have a list of things you need to do in your house that you keep putting off? How about a list that your spouse keeps putting off, a “honey do’ list? Well I have been asking my husband to remount our tv for about six months now. It was too low and the cords were all ugly and I hated how they all got behind my coffee table.  Well, getting to review the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit gave us the chance to put both of those behind us. I just had to keep on my husband because he said it “looked like a lot of work” but I kept telling it wasn’t!
He finally decided to get it done today and I can tell you that he grumbled a lot. It does take a drywall saw or another small saw. You need to find the stud in the wall where you want to place the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit and use the cut out that comes in the kit to trace around it. Cut around it.
It comes with all the instructions you will need. And they are pretty detailed too. My husband spent ten minutes looking at them telling me it looked complicated before he got up and started doing it. Then after it was done he was like well that wasn’t hard at all. I just made a face at him.
First I had to get my husband to move our mount up so we moved the Kit around the same spot our mount used to be.
This is him displaying his finished product. And the tv is finally up high enough that our cats and small children can’t touch all over it. AND thanks to the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit we don’t have ugly cords hanging down everywhere. That is also a super plus because we have a kitten who likes to hang from cords. It supports almost any type of power plug including right angles and wall warts and provides flexible project support for ganging other connections.
Do you want a more polished, professional look to your television? Tired of all the cluttered cords? You should definitely check out the Legrand In-Wall TV Power Kit at Best Buy!

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