Heart Healthy Herbs to Cook With

There are so many things we do to help or harm our hearts each and every day. Everything from the foods we eat, the amount of exercise we get, the stress and emotions we go through all have a part in the health of our hearts. Maintaining a healthy diet is all about the foods that you cook with, and this includes the herbs that you can add to dishes that you already enjoy. There are several herbs that are great for maintaining the health of the heart, improve circulation, and improve blood vessels. You should also check out my post on organic gardening if you are planning a new garden.


While there is a long list of herbs that are available to you in pill and oil form, to help improve your heart health, there are very few that can be regularly added to your cooking. Try any one of these to help improve the condition of your heart and add flavor to your food at the same time.



Garlic was long considered gold for the body, and the more we learn about it, the more we have come to value it for its healing properties. As a heart healthy herb, garlic is able to stop bad cholesterol in its tracks and helps to regulate blood pressure. One clove of garlic a day is enough to help repair damage the heart and arteries has had, and maintains the health of the heart for those that are concerned about their health. Garlic can be added to pasta, soups, sauces and salsa.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is the herb anyone that has problems with circulation needs to use. Cayenne improves your circulation over time, so it must be used consistently in order to see any improvements.  Steep high quality, fresh cayenne peppers in water or broth that you can then use when cooking meat and vegetable dishes.



If you are in search of an herb that adds lots of flavor to your food and lowers cholesterol, fresh cilantro is the answer. Cilantro packs a lot of flavor in its tiny leaves, meaning you need can use less salt and improve your health at the same time. Cilantro isn’t just a garnish either, but can be used to flavor meat, fish and vegetables.



We have all read the studies that a bit of chocolate each day is good for us, but if it is your heart you are worried about you want to add cacao to your diet. Cacao, in its unsweetened form, can be found in plenty of health food stores and is great mixed in with granola, trail mix and other breakfast treats.



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  1. Herbs are a great way to add flavor without adding additional salt. Turmeric is also another great spice to use.

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