Having a Summer of Peeping Fun with PEEPS & COMPANY®

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This past June my littles got to see the ocean for the very first time. They were in awe. They didn’t want to leave but sadly it was just a two day trip. So when Peeps contacted me about sending a fun Summer Prize Pack for my kids I knew they would love it! They love all things outside and beach. My daughter especially loves the beach ball. She carried it around the whole first day and exclaims in joy when she sees it in the toy box now. My son liked the water pouch. He thinks its for an adventure. He always says he is going outside on a picnic. I love the beach towel. Its huge and I have mentioned many times in the past how much I wait for the holiday season for all the Peeps products!


  • PEEPS® Beach Ball: A day at the beach will never be the same with your very own PEEPS® beach ball. A day in the sun will be more fun, if you spend it with brightly colored PEEPS® Chicks and Bunnies!
  • PEEPS® Collapsible Plastic Water Bottle: Refreshment on the go is no longer a problem with this PEEPS® Chick and Bunny collapsible water bottle. Just fill it with your favorite drink, and off you go. When it’s all gone, the bottle can be flattened and packed away, no problem.
  • PEEPS® Character Flying Disc: Keep the kids occupied for hours with these playful PEEPS® Character Flying Discs! Perfect for the playground, beach, or backyard.
  • PEEPS® Wetsuit Pouch: You’ll be the belle of the changing room with this little accessory! Our Peeps® Wet Suit Tote makes traveling with a wet bathing suit fun again. Can also be used to carry any other messy gear or toiletries you might have.
  • PEEPS® Pail: There are six bright, new designs to THE collection of PEEPS® Pails! Load ’em with treats and goodies and reuse them later for all sorts of things.
  • Signature PEEPS® Beach Towel: Towel off in style when you reach for our new Signature PEEPS® Beach Towel. Choose from a green towel (with Yellow Peeps® Chick) or blue towel (with Pink Peeps® Bunny).
  • Signature PEEPS® Tote: Give new meaning to the term, “Totes Adorbs” with the PEEPS® Signature Tote. Perfect for a day at the beach, pool, or playground.

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