Great Ways to Use PayPal

It’s safe to say that online payments have become part and parcel of our everyday lives and rightly so, the portability and simplicity of paying for items online makes our lives a million times better.
One particular facet of online payments that’s proven to be quite popular in the last couple of years is PayPal. For those that aren’t particularly familiar with it, PayPal is an e-Wallet system that uses a series of secure servers to provide users with a third party payment system. What we mean by this is it lets you buy items online without having to register your card on a website.


So for example, if you were going to buy items from the likes of eBay, but you weren’t particularly keen on storing your card details on it you could use PayPal. You would pour cash into PayPal and then this money would be transferred over to eBay to buy items or accept cash for anything you’re selling. It’s a simple process that normally takes just a couple of minutes to set up.

But you don’t have to use it just for eBay as the best thing about PayPal, aside from its security, is that it’s incredibly flexible and you can use it for pretty much anything.

For example, you can use it to send money through to your Skype contacts. So if you owed a friend some cash or you were sending money to your children then all you would need to do is make sure you both have a PayPal account set up to transfer cash. Payments through Skype is also quite popular with people who frequently travel abroad as you can transfer cash through PayPal to pay for items overseas if you find yourself short on cash to cover things like meals, hotels or anything else.

You can also use it to set up a direct debit payment on casino sites if you like to dabble in a bit of gambling on bingo or casino sites.

Also, PayPal recently released an app as part of a mobile pair up program they started. So you can load up their app on your mobile and make incredibly simple and quick phone bill payments using your smartphone whenever and wherever you like.


A great feature of PayPal is that you can use it to accept donations if you’re setting up a charity or taking part in a special event. It’s easy to integrate into a webpage and you can set it to accept donations from friends and family if you’re trying to raise money for a good cause of for a project that you might be working on.

PayPal is also pretty handy for web developers since it’s so easy to integrate onto a site, developers can use it to set up payment procedures for a number of things.

For example, you can use it to create a ‘Shopping Cart’ system that lets visitors to your webpage buy items from your using their PayPal account. Plus, you can also pick up specialist pieces of software that have PayPal integration in them as well as support for shipping, tax and handling procedures.

PayPal can also be set up with Facebook, similar to donations you can use it to help fund a number of things and you can fully customize it from the funding goal to the color of the special badge that appears on your page.

As you can see, PayPal is quite a versatile piece of software to use, so you don’t have to use it just for paying for various items online. PayPal really is a fantastic system to use and since it’s almost universally accepted on a wide range of sites you would have to be crazy to not give it a try at least once. We use it for savings and we have the PayPal Debit card.

So if you’re looking for a way to pay for items online then why not try using PayPal?

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