Great Christmas Gifts from Uncle Milton

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My son is 11 years old and he is so picky with his gifts. If it wasn’t for his list I would have no idea what he wants for Christmas. I mean he says he likes a ton of things but there has been several instances of me buying them for him and he totally hated them. So I was playing it safe this year and only buying list items. I love Uncle Milton toys and I asked my son what item he loved the most off the Uncle Milton’s website and he told me he wanted the Night Hawk UV Vision Adventure and the Wild Walls Amazing Web Attack (Spider-Man).


The Night Hawk UV Vision Adventure was something that I probably could have guessed that my son would love.  He is a Boy Scout and he loves camping, outdoors, adventure, and geocaching. So when he saw that these authentic dual-vision explorer goggles will do UV vision mode and night vision, he was super excited!

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It even has this awesome invisible ink pen to use with animal tracks stencil. It comes with three animal profile cards which my son likes to spout facts from to us at dinner.  Randomly.  That’s my kid. Its the perfect gift for a child who loves to learn and explore!


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The other thing he was really interested in was the Wild Walls Amazing Web Attack which not only lights up but also makes sound effects like web slinging sounds.  He was torn between the Wild Walls Iron Man and the Spiderman but Spiderman won out. I guess there is a first time for everything right? There are other awesome wild Walls to choose from including sharks, dinosaurs, safari adventures and more! It was super easy to mount to the wall and I love the fact that the decals are easily removable.  My older son is moving rooms soon to make room for the new baby so I want him to be able keep his awesome wall art.

unclemiltonwallMy husband put the decals on so that is why they are crooked.  Blame him. The Spider-Man decal is over 21 inches long.  The light effects can spread  over 20 sq. feet. It has an auto shut off so I am not worried about it being on all night.  Its pretty cool to think of my child hearing web slinging and seeing the cool light up effects while he goes to sleep.

Uncle Milton is having a Wild Walls contest right now until 12/22!

Go WILD Room Design Contest
Activate your wild imagination by creating a Pinterest Pin Board for your child’s ultimate themed bedroom inspired by Uncle Milton Wild Walls. Include other images of items you’d also place in your room. Uncle Milton will award one Grand Prize Winner a $500 Amazon Gift Card and a Wild Walls of choice to create your Wild Walls inspired room. Plus, five weekly Uncle Milton gift prize packs!
You can find out more on the contest by visiting it on Facebook


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  1. This is so cool! They have so many awesome things on the site. I love the minnie mouse wall friend.My daughter would love that but my son would be all over Spidey!

  2. The wild walls web attack is very cool, any boy would love that. These are very interesting and unique gifts for sure.

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