Get Ready for Kid’s Spring Fashions with Carters #SpringIntoCarters

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Having two little ones I have learned that clothing sales are like gifts to parents. That is why it is pretty awesome that Carter’s is having a 50% off the entire store right now through April 5th! With the crazy seasons we have been having like the back and forth winter weather I have been pretty good with my children’s wardrobes but when it got sunny and bright outside earlier this week I was worried. My daughter has a ton of my son’s old clothes so usually she would be fine but my son was born in the fall and my daughter in the summer.  So their clothing seasons do not match up. And my son is so long and lanky that he does not fit in any of his shorts from last year. Well he fits but they look like he is wearing short shorts. So I had to do some shopping so that I could get them both shorts and warm weather clothes.


I was able to get so many outfits for my kids when I finally pushed past the nasty cough/plague sickness I have had. They had a ton of their winter stuff on additional clearance so I was able to get my son some long sleeved shirts that he picked out for almost nothing.  I went straight to the sandals and swim stuff for my daughter. They have such an amazing selection of swimwear and beach clothes. The super cute matching towels and hats that go with the kids swimwear were just too adorable. I wanted them all. And the hats and glasses! My kids are going to have the sweetest swim accessories ever. They have their thong sandals for 2 for $6 so I got both kids two pairs. In hindsight I should have gotten each kid four pairs because I know at least one pair will be left at their mawmaws and I like to keep a spare around in the van. My son has already colored on both of his and worn them constantly.



This is the perfect time to shop for Easter clothes as well. They have a huge selection of dress up styles for boys and girls with coordinating accessories! They had hairbows, dress shoes, bow-ties, and other hair styling products to help bring together that perfect Easter style for a boy or girl.  Carter’s has one-stop Easter shop that is awesome for your little one. They even have “My First Easter” items for those brand new babies which I actually have this year. My baby nephew is only 6 months old and he was a preemie so he can still fit in smaller styles. He is going to be decked out for Easter this year.


I managed to get some really cute brother and sister shirts for them as well. I even got my nephew a cutest nephew ever shirt. Their Spring fashions are adorable. I found two cat shirts for Moriah. That is a huge find for me because I hardly ever see cat stuff anymore that isn’t Hello Kitty. They have such bright and amazing Spring colors that my kids are going to rock all Spring now thanks to this awesome sale.



Elijah got so tired of me taking photos at the park that he fell asleep as soon as we made it into the door. He told me in the car that only babies fall asleep in the car and he valiantly waited until we got to the stairs before telling me I had to carry him in because his back was old.




Its time for shopping! This coupon below expires on April 5th and so does the 50% off storewide! You can also use code MARBLOG20 on to get 20% off your purchase of $40 until April 5th!  My store just asks me to show them the picture on my phone and they will type the code in. Your store may want you to print it out.



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Have you seen Carter’s Spring Fashions yet? What is your favorite style?

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  1. I love Carter’s clothes. Bought them for my daughter, which she is 41 now and grandson when he was small. Thankfully Walmart has Carter’s and buy them for my great granddaughter. They are well made and last a long time.

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