Get Around School Easier with the Hover-1 Electric Folding Scooter

Post sponsored by Best Buy to talk about the Hover-1 Electric Folding Scooter. As always, all opinions are my own.

I did not get a license until I was 22. I know that’s pretty ridiculous especially since Alabama does not have public transportation. Even when I got a license I hated driving. So when I went to college I was always having to ask for rides. I walked everywhere. It was not fun. I wish I had an easier way to get around. Now my son is about to enter college and its like there are options all around. Electric scooters are really making a comeback.

The Hover-1 Electric Folding Scooter is perfect for students to ride to and around their campus. It has a range of 16 miles before it needs a charge! My first college was like five miles from my house. This would have been perfect for me. My son is still unsure about where he wants to go but I bet whatever college he goes to then he would like this. It is built for rough terrains with 8.5-inch tires and can handle hills with no problem.

It only weighs 27 pounds so it is easy to carry once you fold it in half. It also takes up so little space it would be perfect in a dorm. No more trying to find spaces to park or tie up your bike outside. The college down the road even rents scooters now so they are really in. And  with a 14 MPH top speed, and a bright LED headlight for safety, its perfect for back to school.

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Full Specs:

  • Reaches speeds up to 14 mph
    You can ride anytime, anywhere.
  • 36V UL certified battery pack
    Simple to charge with the provided easy-to-use charger.
  • Foldable design
    Offers a convenient, stylish, and exciting form of transportation.
  • Weight capacity of 220 lbs.
    Ensures safe riding.
  • Electronic and foot brakes
    Help the scooter come to a complete stop safely.
  • 8.5″ tires
    Allow for greater stability.

Ride Responsibly:
The purchaser and rider of this product are responsible for knowing and obeying all state and local regulations regarding the use of this product. It is highly encouraged that you read and follow the product instructions including all safety precautions and use protective gear. Protective gear can be found at

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