GeekFuel January 2016 Review


I didn’t realize I would be getting more Geek Fuel boxes to review so I was soooo excited to see the new box in my living room! My husband has been home lately because of the mass layoff at the bank he worked at so he has been getting the mail. That used to be one of my joys of life. I saw the box and I squealed! You may remember my review I did of the November 2015 box. Every month you are guaranteed to get an exclusive t-shirt and game code. Every box has 6-8 items worth $50 or more and they are all just awesome.


This months box has some pretty amazing things. I checked out the tshirt first because I think they are too cool. It says it is a “Brief History of Time Travel”


Here is what I am thinking they all are:

  1. 1895- The Time Machine by H.G. Wells
  2. 1963- The Tardis, Dr Who.
  3. 1985- Back To The Future
  4. 1989- Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  5. 1991- Terminator
  6. 2010- Hot Tub Time Machine

The 1991 got me for a minute. I was pretty sure it was Terminator but I had to ask a fellow dork just to make sure.


I even took a picture with the StarLabs coffee cup and my new tshirt on. If you know me, you know I have serious ideas for pictures. I always feel bleh and I hate the way I smile. But who could resist taking a picture with this shirt on?  I have had compliments on it at Panera and at the bookstore recently. And you get a poster!


My husband really liked this month’s poster. Intergalatic Comic-Con. Its pretty funny.



And because it seems like Barry needs his own spotlight, here is the cup by itself. I love the new Flash tv show. I cried at the mid-season finale. I am sure several people did. Every month you get a game code and this month happens to be  Metro Warp which is a puzzle game. You also get a copy of Geek Fuel magazine which has the Flash on the cover.


And I hate zombies. HATE. But I did always like the Resident Evil games so I think its pretty cool that they included an Umbrella Corps pin in this months box. And you can see in the big box picture above we got an 8 bit Mario tin with candy. My kids appropriated that right off the bat.


Another awesome box, another awesome month! Be sure to stay tuned to Geek Fuel’s social media for spoilers for February’s box. You can also follow Geek Fuel on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter  If you arent already a subscriber, you need to get on this! The tshirt alone is worth the price and its exclusive so you can have an awesome shirt none of your friends (unless they are cool enough to be subscribers) will have. You can use my discount code to sign up!



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