Geek Fuel March 2016 – Batman V Superman, Stan Lee, and Link

Geek Fuel doesn’t really do a traditional theme with their boxes. Don’t know what Geek Fuel is? It is a monthly mystery box filled with t-shirts, toys, digital games, limited edition collectibles and just the tshirts alone make it worth it because they are exclusive and awesome! They have something they concentrate more on like February’s Geek Fuel box had several Deadpool items. This month is Batman vs Superman! I know everyone is super excited for the movie. Have you seen it yet? I haven’t seen it yet. I am worried I wont like it because I hyped it up in my mind too much. I knew I was getting a cool BvS shirt in this month’s box though so I was excited for that.


The whole box this month was super amazing but really every month is. I didnt even know where to start on this one though.



I got a copy of Amazing Fantastic Incredible: A Marvelous Memoir by Peter David and Stan Lee. That is so cool. My son tried to grab it from me but I told him I had been a fan longer than he had been alive so it was mine. It is a really good read if you haven’t seen it before. I am mid way through it now and my husband has called next dibs on it. The poster this month is of Link and it is a limited edition print with a certificate of authenticity. It made me feel important when I unrolled it and that popped out.


Every box comes with a $10 value digital download for a game. I haven’t downloaded this one yet because my husband hogs the computer but it looks fun to me. The Geek Fuel magazine is also in each box. This one was pretty interesting. I have started a little collection of them on my bookcase.


And this box came with a Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Mystery Minis from Funko! I love Funko figures. I have a bunch on my mantle and this is my first Batman or Superman one. I am more of a Marvel girl when it comes to collectibles. I haven’t opened it. I kind of don’t want to. I like the mystery? 


So that was my box this month. Very cool on all fronts. The tshirt is going to make my friends so jealous.

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Author: Kat

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5 thoughts on “Geek Fuel March 2016 – Batman V Superman, Stan Lee, and Link”

  1. These boxes sound awesome. Thanks for sharing them. I have 9 children and 1 on the way so I’m sure there will be something in there for one of them! Great post.

  2. Love this subscription box. My oldest grandson gets one every month and he always shows me what he gets.

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