Furlesse- the gentle, non-invasive, overnight solution to fine lines and wrinkles!

Furlesse patches are the newest way to safely and comfortably soothe and smooth facial wrinkles and lines, all while avoiding costly, painful or invasive measures! Furlesse patches are a mild and needle-free solution to gently relax fine lines and wrinkles on your face. They work by smoothing out the delicate skin of the face where wrinkles have the greatest tendency to worm- the forehead, the eyes, and around the mouth. The patches hold the skin in place while they’re being worn, helping to smooth and relax the skin, making the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles relax with regular use.


Furlesse patches are easily worn overnight- clear and unobtrusive, they’re perfect to use while you’re sleeping. Easy to apply and easy to remove, just gently peel them off after each use and you’re ready to go! They can also be used in the privacy of your home for a quick fix before a big event! Within a few hours of application you’ll notice a big difference!


I was lucky enough to get a 30 day supply of Furlesse to try at home. I’m really pleased with the results I got- I can see a real difference in my frown lines especially, and my skin seems firmer and tighter. I barely feel them when I sleep with the patches applied, and after a night or two I didn’t notice them on my skin at all! I took a picture of myself with the Crows on. I walked around in them and my husband didn’t even notice. I do my beauty routine and take a shower. I apply moisturizer and toner and then I apply my Furlesse patches.



Furlesse patches are safe for sensitive skin, too- latex free, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, clear, comfortable, and easy to use. They’ve been designed with comfort and safety in mind! I have super senstive skin so I should be used as a basis when companies say they are for skin like mine. I can break out if someone sprays perfume near me. But these work great and I haven’t had a bit of trouble. I have dry skin so its always good to find something that works well with it.


There are Furlesse patches for each trouble-spot of the face:
‘Elevens’ target the vertical ‘frown’ lines that form between the eyebrows
‘Crows’ smooth stubborn crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes
‘Lipsticks’ address smile lines around the mouth and upper lip creases
‘Rows’ calm horizontal lines on the forehead


Target the trouble spots that are problematic for you and soothe your fine lines and wrinkles away while you sleep! A 30 day supply is only $19.99 (suggested retail value) and be purchased online. You can also get more valuable information on the Furlesse website!

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