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Belinda Boring was awesome enough to do a guest post for my site for her amazing book, Forget Me Not, and the book tour!  You can also enter to win an awesome prize from her at the Book Tour.
Welcome to the Mystic Wolves
Who’d have thought a simple dream would result in the creation of the Mystic Wolves series?
Well, nothing was simple about it … dreaming about watching someone you love being held at
gun point is terrifying. I spent the entire next day walking around with a lump in my throat and
ready to cry at the drop of a hat. But with the encouragement of my best friend, I wrote down
what I was feeling and the rest is history. What started out as a small novelette has now evolved
into a full length novel series, and even though I’m a little biased, (okay, a lot) Forget Me Not is
by far my favorite!
The Mystic Wolves series is a little different than most romance stories. Instead of starting with
Darcy and Mason meeting, and all the joys involved with the anticipation and newness of love,
they’re an already established couple. Brought together by a blind date and a shared dream,
they’ve spent an amazing year together and are eagerly waiting for their mating ritual. Mason is
the beloved Alpha of his pack, and Darcy is fully embraced into the fold. Life is perfect. They’re
in love, but like all things, it’s soon tested.
In the first book, The Mystic Wolves, tragedy strikes the pack when a simple errand into town
ends with the death of a cherished member, sister, and friend. Grief hits hard, but Mason and
Darcy pull through it, relying on each other and those they’re surrounded by. Questions arise
over who is behind the surprise attack, and it spirals into events that have Darcy rushing to save
the man she loves. With her close friend Devlin, a vampire enforcer, she shows there’s nothing
she won’t do for her pack and alpha. The confrontation with the “big bad” keeps you on the
edge of your seat, and as the author, it definitely had my heart racing. But nothing, and I mean
nothing, will prepare you for the ending.
Enter Forget Me Not where the twists and turns keep coming. The story picks straight away,
and it’s full steam ahead from there. It has a little of everything—action, suspense, humor, and
my favorite …. swoony, delicious, heart racing kisses. I’m an avid romance reader, and when I
started writing it was important I write the kind of story I loved reading. I love the emotions of
each character, being able to connect with them and experience what they feel. I’m also someone
who loves the big GASP at the end. You know … where you think you have all the answers, and
the author throws a mighty curve ball that leaves you screaming “I NEED THE NEXT BOOK
NOW!!” I love Forget Me Not. Plain and simple.
Thank you so much for having me on your site today, Kat , and I hope everyone continues on
through the blog tour. For those that are interested, The Mystic Wolves is free on both Amazon
and Barnes & Noble and please, feel free to stop by Facebook and chat!

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