Feb 2016 Geek Fuel Box Review – Deadpool, Firefly and more! #GeekFuel

Based on the spoilers I posted on Facebook, I knew that February’s Geek Fuel box that I received to review was going to have some Deadpool themes and something Firefly. Firefly is my obsession, my favorite, my love. I was so not disappointed!


Isnt that a ton of awesome? I had to call my husband in to see all my cool stuff. First of all, how adorable is it that they sent my exclusive tshirt that comes in each box wrapped up like a chimichanga?



I was staring into the sun, not mad. Sorry about my horrible expression in this picture of my cool new Deadpool shirt. I am going to sit in my shirt and read my Geek Fuel magazine. And there was a Deadpool keychain!


And I am wearing my awesome Jayne hat! “How’s it sit? Pretty cunning, don’t you think?”


I think its pretty awesome how they include items from several places. They don’t just ‘theme’ the box and have everything about the same thing. There was an Elliot Quest candy maze game and a free game code (each box contains one). The candy was sour and delicious.


This adorable Geek Fuel keychain is going to stay on my fridge forever. It even has a place of honor on the side with the kid’s pictures.


My husband snatched this from me as soon as I opened the box. He is currently reading it but I can tell you its awesome because he is STILL reading it. Retro Magazine is definitely worth a read. Every box just seems to have more and more awesome stuff. I don’t know what I am going to do with all these compliments people keep giving me on my exclusive tshirts from Geek Fuel.

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