Exclusive Interview With Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson of Tomorrowland #TomorrowlandBloggers

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Last week when I was in Anaheim and Los Angeles, I had the chance to interview Raffey Cassidy and Thomas Robinson, the child stars of Tomorrowland. Raffey Cassidy plays Athena and Thomas Robinson plays young Frank. Tomorrowland will be released on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) October 13, 2015. So in honor of that, we went to the press event for Tomorrowland which was held at Disneyland! We interviewed Brad Bird first which was super awesome and then our group had our turn to talk with the young stars.

tomorrowlandbloggers, tomorrowland

We asked them if they had always wanted to be actors. Thomas Robinson said that he really hadnt. His brother was an actor and one day his brother’s agent thought he would be good for a role. So he tried out and got it and it snowballed from there. He said now that he is an actor that he would love for it to continue.  Raffey Cassidy said there wasnt a clear moment when she was like, oh I want to be an actor as a career, but that she just took some small roles and they kept happening. She said she was having a lot of fun acting and she would also love for it to continue.  Raffey Cassidy likes to do special effects make-up in her spare time. Thomas Robinson like to skateboard and cook especially sweet things like lemon bars.

tomorrowlandbloggers, tomorrowland

They both did some extreme things to get ready for their roles. Raffey Cassidy said that she started to take martial arts to do some of her stunts. She even had to take up gymnastics. She really is doing some of those incredible things you see her doing in the movie and she is only 13. Likewise with Thomas Robinson who is also 13. Those flying jetpack scenes? He started training for those on a flying trapeze. Then he graduated to indoor skydiving. He also had to do some athletic development to do some of his stunts. They both went through A LOT to do their scenes.

tomorrowlandbloggers, tomorrowland

Apparently the script for the Tomorrowland movie was super protected. Both of the children said that to us. When they wanted to read the script they had to go to a locked room to read it. Thomas told us that when he was doing reading the script it was locked in a safe and then also locked in the room. That is so funny to me. I get that they didnt want anything to leak though. I like it. I hate this new thing of having 15 minute long trailers which give away the whole movie.


tomorrowlandbloggers, tomorrowland
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They both said that kids who want to act should keep trying. Thomas said there would be tons of rejections but you just have to keep going through them for that right role. They said that tons of people may be trying for that role and you may not be the right one but you shouldn’t give up because of that. There are other roles and other auditions. They basically said if you want to do it, just keep going out and keep your head up. And before we left they were kind enough to take a group shot with us. Then we all had lunch together which was cool.

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