Exclusive Cast Interviews on the Set of Disney Channel’s BUNK’D #BunkdEvent

Like many kids my son loves the show Jessie. It’s on Disney Channel if you have never seen it. You should check it out and then you can check out the new Disney Channel show BUNK’D! Its a great new show that features several of the characters from Jessie in their own show about a summer camp. BUNK’D stars Karan Brar (Ravi), Skai Jackson (Zuri) and Peyton List (Emma) along with newcomers Miranda May (Lou), Nina Lu (Tiffany), Nathan Arenas (Jorge) and Kevin Quinn (Xander). BUNK’D premieres on Disney Channel at 8 PM ET on Friday, July 31st! 


Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross have left their New York penthouse for a summer at Maine’s rustic Camp Kikiwaka, where their parents met as teenagers. Now CITs (Counselors In Training), they must learn the ropes from the overly cheerful head counselor Lou and the camp heartthrob, Xander. Zuri makes new friends with two younger campers, the uptight Tiffany and compulsive fibber Jorge. The camp’s owner is Gladys and she’s even scarier than the legendary creature that’s rumored to stalk the grounds, and with help of her sneaky niece Hazel, she’s out to get the Ross kids because of her decades-old rivalry with their mom. Along with their new friends, Emma, Ravi and Zuri adapt to their new “home away from home” and settle into their exciting new lives at Camp Kikiwaka.


We got to go on set to Camp Kikiwaka which was pretty cool. They really do have the set there. Like real cabins and play equipment. And the grass was so green! I thought it was awesome. We got to watch most of an episode while we had lunch and then atfer that we got to watch them do a scene. We had to be super quiet and we could see how hard these kids really have to work. It takes several ‘takes’ for each little part of the scene and they have to fix their inflection, their facial expressions, their hand movements, etc. until they are right.



Some of the stars are really young too! Nathan Arenas is 10 in September. Nina Lu will be 12 in September and Skai Jackson is 13. It is so hard to believe these kids are able to memorize all this stuff when I can’t even get my 13 year old to remember that trash days are Thursday and recycling days are Wednesdays. We were their very first interview. Not Skai Jackson’s because she was already in Jessie. Nathan Arenas broke my heart when he said he used to not have friends. I almost cried. They said they are like their characters in some ways but in some ways they aren’t as over the top. Which makes sense to me.

These kids are amazing! Check out Bunk’d on 7/31 on Disney! #Bunkd #BunkdEvent

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I was the coolest mom in the world for a little while. We got to interview all the cast in small groups. I thought it was really fun how they came to each table and had something new to say to all of us. I even shocked my son by asking Peyton List who is just as pretty and nice in person as she looks to give him a shout out.

Who is a cool mom? I asked @peytonlist to say hi to @matwoflz4 for me. #BunkdEvent A video posted by Kat (@genofsavings) on

So he freaked when he saw that. My son is not the best when it comes to being patient and he called me eighteen times to ask me who else was there. He wanted me to meet everyone that was on Jessie. He cannot wait for BUNK’D to come out!

Everyone better check out these guys on the new Disney Channel show #Bunkd on 7/31 #BunkdEvent

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One more of me from the set with Karan Brar and Kevin Quinn. Kevin Quinn is a newcomer and he is set to the love interest and resident heartthrob of the show. He also sings in the show. He told us that he tried out for American Idol. I expect great things from him. Karan Brar made everyone laugh by going into character as Ravi and doing videos for several people’s kids. He does not talk like Ravi in person and he seems to very comfortable in his skin. He was the easiest person to interview hands down. He laughed and joked and knew just what to say.


BUNK’D will premiere on July 31, 2015 immediately following Disney’s DESCENDANTS on Disney Channel. And then new episodes will air on Friday nights at 8pm ET/PT.


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  1. My kids really love the Disney shows like this one. I’m sure they’ll be watching it in no time!

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