EX3D Eyewear Review & NYHE Sponsor Spotlight

Every time you turn around there is a new 3D movie or a 3D gadget coming out. 3D technology is the wave of the future in my opinion and my older son and I LOVE to go see 3D movies. The only thing about that is you have to wear glasses that have been on other people. Have you seen the nasty floors at movie theaters? Can you imagine the kind of hands that have been touching those glasses? Eck. Luckily, Marchon3D sent me a pair of EX3D glasses to try out and I love them.

Little M and I went and saw The Adventures of Tintin in 3D recently. It was so fun! I love the way the frames fit on my face just like wearing sunglasses or my own glasses. Of course my son wanted to wear them most of the time so I had to wear the other ones. I am going to buy myself a pair now that I know I can get an amazing set of 3D glasses for less than $35! Especially since we are looking into buying a 3D TV after we get caught up on everything. Our 2002 LCD is dying. I will probably get the Slick style which clip on over normal prescription glasses. That is so amazing to me that I could watch a 3D movie and not even notice that I have 3D glasses on!

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About EX3D Eyewear:
EX3D® is the world leader in passive 3D eyewear and lifestyle. Our patented M3D® lenses are specifically configured and curved for state-of-the-art 3D performance. Our trendsetting frames are built for comfort. And our commitment to 3D eyewear and entertainment are unmatched.
With HD Premium 3D optics, EX3D eyewear enhances picture quality, color clarity and ultra-high 3D contrast without ghosting distortion or haze. Their versatility is unmatched, allowing you to enjoy 3D content at any RealD® movie to your passive 3D TV, laptop or gaming system with the same frames. Plus, EX3D eyewear is designed with scratch-resistant lenses for durability, offers full UV protection and is unmatched comfort for extended wear. When measured against EX3D, other 3D eyewear just falls flat.

You can buy a set of 3D glasses for less than $35 on their website! EX3D case and microfiber cleaning cloth are included with most of their products so you can keep your glasses clean and safe. They have styles for women, men, and kids! I think all of their different types are very stylish even the clip ons. This would make an awesome birthday or Valentine’s Day gift!

You can connect with EX3D on www.EX3D.com, their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to keep up with great promotions and events!

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